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- A New Venue And New Fruit For Our Labors - News for March 2014

Deaf Ministry in Leon, Mexico continues to make progress!

Salutations from thawing central Pennsylvania!  Finally!  This has been the coldest winter in many years, which made leaving León, Mexico in February all the more difficult.

We made several changes in this conference.  It was the first time we have taught without Deaf pastors accompanying us.  None of our Deaf pastor friends were available to make the trip.  But since the temperatures were downright balmy, maybe they will clear their schedules for next February!

Our Assistant Director, Omar Vazquez, and I taught eight sessions.  Since Omar is Mexican and hearing, and since he does not yet know Mexican Sign Language, he had a Mexican interpreter to help him.  José de Jesús Villalpando Cueva from Guanajuato is now a part of our outreach team.  He is an excellent interpreter and has desired to minister to the Deaf in this way for 10 years.  José (otherwise known as Pepe) was a tremendous blessing to us and to the Deaf who attended.  His enthusiasm was obvious to all.  We thank the Lord for his expert interpreting.

Alberto Alcantar was my interpreter.  Since Alberto is deaf, I taught using American Sign Language and Alberto translated into Mexican Sign Language.  All of this gets rather complicated very quickly.  But the Lord has been faithful to enable us to do this work, and we are very     Keith, with Pepe, Alberto and Omar grateful for the opportunity to do so.

Another change was our venue.  Rather than hold our meetings at Pastor Abel Plata’s church, we rented a hotel conference room near the center of town where many Deaf people meet every Friday night.  Alberto walked one block from the hotel and invited them to join us.  They did!  About 25 “Deafs” showed up.  It was one of the best crowds we’ve ever had.

As a result of this, Pastor Plata decided to conduct outreach meetings at this central location every three weeks!  This is a major step forward because: 1) There will be many more opportunities to share the Gospel, and 2) The local church is taking responsibility for reaching their community.  This is great progress.  Now Jesus la Vid Verdadera Church is no longer dependent upon Grace Deaf Missions to conduct outreach ministries in León.  Pastor Plata, Alberto, and Pepe, will begin having Bible studies regularly.

And that’s not all!  Take a close look at this photo.  The woman with glasses (I’ll call her Rosa) is helping the Deaf woman on her right find the Scripture passages being taught.  What’s so special about that?  Rosa is hearing.  She attends Pastor Plata’s church and Alberto’s Mexican Sign Language for Professionals class every Saturday.  The Lord moved Rosa to learn LSM.  Christians in León are reaching out to the Deaf with the Gospel!  This picture represents the fruit of our labors.

And there’s more!  Here are before and after pictures of a building project.  Pastor Plata’s congregation has built two new classrooms for the exclusive use of Alberto’s school and they hope to begin construction on a three-story school facility before the end of the year!  Less than two years ago, this congregation was not even aware of any Deaf people in León.  Now, our mission has become their mission.

I’m out of space.  Please remember us in your prayers.  If you are already a contributor to Grace Deaf Missions, we say “THANK YOU!”  If you have never given to this work before, please consider sending a gift so this ministry might continue to grow.  We deeply appreciate your help.

Grace and peace to you all!


“Let the favor of the Lord our God be upon us, and establish the work of our hands.” Psalm 90:17

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Grace Deaf Missions News for December 2013

- A Remarkable Year of Ministry in Mexico -

Heartfelt greetings to you all from Grace Deaf Missions!  We trust the Lord will be foremost in your thoughts in this season when we celebrate our Father’s great mercy in sending His Son to redeem us so that we might receive the adoption as sons of God.  Indeed, what wondrous love is this!

I (Keith) returned onNovember 25th from our most recent evangelistic conference in León.  Each trip reveals new things about the nature of this work.  So we are continuing to learn how to reach the unreached deaf population of this city.  We’re also making slow but steady progress in encouraging two other churches in León to work with us.

Pastor Samuel Marsh and I taught 8 lessons on the Parables of the Lord Jesus.  Samuel taught four sessions on the parable of the four soils.  I taught about the lost sheep, “tax collectors and prostitutes”, the pearl of great price and the treasure in the field, and the two sons.  We covered a lot of material and it was well received.  Many thanks to those who contributed the finances to make this trip possible!

I also had an excellent opportunity to speak to approximately 20 pastors from the local presbytery regarding the work being done among the Deaf at Pastor Plata’s church.  That was also very well received.  In my closing statement, I said,

“I am aware that we have doctrinal differences between us.  But we are in full agreement concerning the Gospel message.  Let’s just preach the Gospel.  We can figure out whether to dunk or sprinkle later!”

Several men shouted “Amen!” and cheered!  I was greatly encouraged by their spirit of cooperation.

This year we made three trips to Mexico and attended a missions conference at North Greenville University in South Carolina.  Grace Deaf Missions also welcomed Omar Vazquez of Mexico City as our assistant director.  He has been a great blessing to us.  We also received, and then sold, a small bus and sent the proceeds to Jesus, La Vid Verdadera Presbyterian Church to purchase a vehicle that will be used to transport Deaf children to school three nights a week.  It will also be used to transport Deaf adults to our meetings which are scheduled approximately every two months.

Our next conference, February 21-23, will incorporate some significant changes.  Pastor Plata’s church plans to rent a facility in the center of León.  That is where many Deaf people congregate every Friday night.  Transportation is a major obstacle to people attending our meetings.  So we will have the meetings closer to familiar territory for them.  Pastor Plata also hopes to purchase a vehicle before February as well.  These two changes should result in increased numbers.  Pray that it does.

Finally, we made the decision to bring our missionary, Robert Morgret, back to the United States from León.  Due to situations that were very difficult to deal with because of distance and deafness, and because a deaf American in Mexico is a particularly easy target for evil people, we felt it best to have Robert join us here.  Pray for us as we seek to discern how the Lord might continue to use Robert in this important work.

Many, many thanks to the Lord for all of you who have helped us through this exploratory year of Deaf missions.  It has been challenging, encouraging, tiring, bewildering, sometimes discouraging, hope-filled, and a great blessing to serve the Lord in this way.  As we look ahead to 2014, may the Lord continue to bless you and us as we work together to take the glorious Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to those who cannot hear it.

Grace and peace,

Keith and Sharon Doster for the entire Grace Deaf Missions team.


“Let the favor of the Lord our God be upon us, and establish the work of our hands.” Psalm 90:17

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Grace Deaf Missions News for October 2013

Open doors, new contacts, and Grace Deaf Missions encouraged!

(by Omar Vazquez, our new Assistant Director!)

September’s mini-conference was delivered by the Grace Deaf Missions team in León, Guanajuato, México!  Eight sessions regarding the origin, purpose and significance of sacrifices in the Bible were taught to a group of enthusiastic deaf people at “Jesus, La Vid Verdadera” Presbyterian church.  The eight sessions were:

God’s Sacrifice for Adam and Eve The Sacrifice on the Day of Atonement

The Sacrifices of Cain and Abel Elijah & the Prophets of Baal

Abraham’s “Almost” Sacrifice of Isaac The Sacrifice of the Lamb of God

The Sacrifice of the Passover Lamb The Christian as a Living Sacrifice

Even tho attendance was diminished in comparison to the group gathered in June, we are so thankful to God because this group was very involved and we suspect they are genuine believers “burning in their hearts” for the word of God.

The Lord gave us three very important connections which we were not exactly looking for:

#1 - Sister Hilda ____ , a member of “Jesus, La Vid Verdadera”.  She is a teacher for children with disabilities.  She is also a member of the Deaf Association of Guanajuato.  She invited the Director of the association, Mr. ____ to the Sunday morning service in order to show him that (Protestant) Christian values and faith are in keeping with the Civil Laws, not contrary to them!  We expect to have a meeting with this association in November.

#2 - Pastor Jose Manuel Herrera Alfaro.  He leads a Reformed Baptist church in Leon, La Red - or The Net.  We were not aware of this group.  They have a ministry to the Deaf and they are willing to work with Grace Deaf Missions.

#3 - Wycliffe Bible Translators.  While at North Greenville University, we spoke with a representative from Wycliffe which is working on Leon to produce an entire video Bible in Mexican Sign Language.  It may be that the Lord is leading us into a cooperative effort involving all three of these entities.  We pray the Lord will help us build on these new relationships relations in order to open new doors to reach the Deaf.

We are grateful to the Lord for Pastor Chester Brock for his excellent teaching during this conference, and to Pastor Abel Plata and his congregation for their continued support and encouragement of our efforts.  Plus Robert Morgret, Alberto Alcantar, Ivan Perea, and many others who housed us, fed us, and transported us all weekend.  Without their help, these conferences would not be possible.

As always, we remind you that Grace Deaf Missions is a church-based ministry.  We are dependent upon your prayers and your financial gifts.  So please help us by praying and sending a donation on our website ( by clicking on the PayPal link, by check to the address above, or by setting up a regular draft from your bank.


Grace and peace,


Omar Vazquez




PS - Several of you have inquired regarding the back pain which was plaguing me (Keith) as I was preparing to leave for Mexico.  My sister Robin emailed me and suggested I purchase a back brace “and wear it!”  I did, and it was virtually miraculous.  Instant relief!  Thanks, Rob!!

“Let the favor of the Lord our God be upon us, and establish the work of our hands.” Psalm 90:17

The Grace Deaf Missions Team includes: The Dosters, Robert Morgret, Alberto Alcantar, Chester Brock (Deaf pastor/teacher), Omar Vazquez (Assistant Director), and Pastor Abel Plata and his wonderful congregation, and many others including you!

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Grace Deaf Missions News for September 2013

Lots of activity, lots of travel, lots of new friends!

And we thought August was busy! This month Sharon and I, along with Omar Vazquez from Mexico City, travelled to North Greenville University (SC) for their annual missions conference.  We met a ton of wonderful people who came by our new Grace Deaf Missions display.  It looked considerably better than this picture, but this gives you some idea of what it was like.  A number of other agencies “competed” for the attention of students interested in missions.  Our prayer was for the Lord to lead us to those considering the possibility of ministering to some of the most neglected people on earth.  We believe He answered that prayer.

We were allowed to speak in three classes regarding the Deaf and their desperate plight of being completely cut off (in many cases) from any access at all to the Gospel message.  It is hard for hearing people to even consider a life with no means of communication.  But on a number of occasions we saw that realization appear in the faces of those to whom we spoke.  Please pray that the Lord would raise up more laborers for this particular harvest field.

Today (9/12) I anticipate flying to Leon next Friday for three days of teaching with Pastor Chester Brock from Pasadena, California.  He joins me in teaching eight sessions on the topic of the Sacrifices of the Bible.  When we consider the only exposure most of the Deaf in Mexico have had to Christ has been in the form of a crucifix, it is important for us to help them see that through His death, Jesus was the Victor in His fight to redeem us as His own and free us from the condemnation of our sin.

Also, as you pray for us, please remember that all of this teaching is being done in Sign Language.  American Sign Language is being translated into Mexican Sign Language.  Then Mexican Sign Language is being translated into Spanish.  Plus, these weighty matters are all being explained with signs and pictures.  As always, there is much room for MIS-interpretation and misunderstanding.  Pray for clarity in our teaching and for clear understanding among the Deaf.

In addition to all of this, Sharon and I have moved from our house in Pine Grove Mills to a quiet little place in Huntingdon County, just over the mountain, called Manor Hill.  I know it sounds like a retirement home for old folks, and yes, we are officially over the hill now.  But our lives have been busy to the point of being hectic.  So in all of our moving and traveling and preparing our house in Pine Grove Mills to sell, we are longing for some time to sit and reflect on what is happening with Grace Deaf Missions and Grace Fellowship Church.  Please keep us in your prayers.

Two more things to note: At the top of the page is our new phone number.  Please make a note of that.  The mailing address will soon change as well, but for now, continue to send your letters to the above address.  Secondly, our finances continue to be quite low.  Compared to most missionary outreaches, Grace Deaf Missions works on an extremely low budget.  Even so, we depend upon the gifts of those who have partnered with us and pray for us in order to make our work possible.  I assure you, the Deaf of Leon will “hear” the Gospel message from us.  We just need the means to get there.  Please give if you are able.  Never give to the neglect of your own church.  We absolutely do not want you to support us when there are pressing needs within your own fellowship.  But as the Lord enables you, we would appreciate any help you can lend.

As I said last month, if you would like to become a regular supporter of Grace Deaf Missions, please let us know either by mail, email, or phone.  Or you can make regular automatic contributions through your bank.  Also there is a PayPal button in the right margin of our website which you may use to give instantly.  Thank you so much for your part in this work!

Grace and peace,

Keith Doster

“Let the favor of the Lord our God be upon us, and establish the work of our hands.” Psalm 90:17

Keith and Sharon Doster for the Grace Deaf Missions Team which includes: The Dosters and Robert Morgret, Alberto Alcantar (LSM Interpreter and teacher), Chester Brock (Deaf pastor/teacher), Omar Vazquez, and Pastor Abel Plata and his wonderful congregation.

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Grace Deaf Missions News for August 2013

Things have been busy at Grace Deaf Missions lately!

First, Pastor Chester Brock from the Sacramento Bible Church for the Deaf will accompany me to Leon for three days of teaching September 20-22.  The theme is “What Does the Bible Say About Sacrifice?”  The Deaf know little about sacrifice other than a crucifix.  We hope to show them how God performed the first sacrifice to cover the effects of Adam’s sin in anticipation of the sacrifice of Christ.  We’ll start in Genesis, ending with Romans 12 and living sacrifices.  Please pray for Brother Chet and me as we prepare these lessons.

Second, the school bus project is moving slowly.  I am currently in the process of transferring the title into my name so I can sell it and forward the funds, including those funds which a number of you have donated, to the church in Leon.  They will then use those funds to purchase a local vehicle which will be nicer and better suited (i.e. get much better gas mileage) for their needs.  Pray it sells quickly and at a fair price.

Third, Sharon and I have been invited to participate in a three-day missions conference at North Greenville University on September 9-11.  We will have the opportunity to meet students who are considering full-time missions involvement.  It may be the Lord will raise up co-laborers with us from these meetings.  Omar Vazquez will be joining us from Mexico City to help “make it real” for the students.  Pray we represent the Lord well, and that He might place this work of reaching the Deaf on the hearts of many.

Fourth, Sharon and I are in the process of selling our home and moving.  The primary reason for this is to eliminate all of our debt.  The Lord provided this house for us in 2000 and after MANY home improvement projects, we can now sell it at a significant profit.  This will free us of all our outstanding debt (not that there was a lot of it).  It will be good to be free.  As Proverbs says, “The borrower is the lender’s slave.”

Alberto and Robert continue to work with the Deaf in Leon.  Alberto’s school is up and running every night of the week.  Robert is teaching every Sunday night to help establish the Leon Deaf Church.  Along with our weekend seminars which I am coordinating every two months, we are trusting the Lord to open the hearts and minds of Deaf people and bring them to Himself.  Hopefully, we can begin a similar work in Mexico City before the year is out.  Pray to that end.

Two days ago, our treasurer Melissa Gentner, mentioned that giving to Grace Deaf Missions in July was quite low.  I do not have the figures in front of me, but suffice it to say we need your ongoing help.  It would be very encouraging for us to have twenty regular monthly donors.  We have a few, but most of our financial support comes erratically.

If you would like to become a regular supporter of Grace Deaf Missions, please let us know either by mail, email, or phone.  Or you can make regular automatic contributions through your bank.  Also there is a PayPal button in the right margin of our website which you may use to give instantaneously, although that is not the best way to give since PayPal keeps a percentage of your gift.  But it is the fastest way to make a contribution and quite safe.

Thank you again for your prayers and gifts and encouragement and love for the Gospel.  May the Lord bless the work of our hands as we work together to reach those who cannot hear.

Grace and peace,

Keith Doster

“Let the favor of the Lord our God be upon us, and establish the work of our hands.” Psalm 90:17

Keith and Sharon Doster for the Grace Deaf Missions Team which includes: The Dosters and Robert Morgret, Alberto Alcantar (LSM Interpreter and teacher), Chester Brock (Deaf pastor/teacher), Omar Vazquez, and Pastor Abel Plata and his wonderful congregation.

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Grace Deaf Missions News for July 2013

For thirty-six years Psalm 90:17 has been our life verse:  Let the favor of the Lord our God be upon us, and establish the work of our hands upon us; yes, establish the work of our hands! It appears the Lord has answered that prayer.  In August of 2012, we made our first trip to Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico in an attempt to reach out to the Deaf community there.  We teamed up with Pastor Abel Plata and his church family to give the Deaf an opportunity to “hear” the gospel.  We had no idea how the Lord would use us.

Now, ten months later, Jesus the True Vine Presbyterian Church has gone from not even being aware of the Deaf in Leon, to a commitment to build the only school for the Deaf in a city of approximately 2 million people.  Within the next few years, they hope to build a four story structure with parking on the ground floor and three floors above for class rooms.  The Lord is establishing the work of our hands.

In the meantime, Robert Morgret and Alberto Alcantar are using the church facility six days a week for ministry to the Deaf.  Two-hour classes have begun in the evenings, Monday through Friday, to teach various subjects in Mexican Sign Language such as math and reading.  This is a dream-come-true for Alberto who has desired to do this very thing for many years.  Pastor Plata and the Elders of the church have given free use of their building to Alberto and Robert.  This includes worship services on Sunday evenings.

In addition to all this, I will be coordinating weekend seminars for the Deaf one weekend every two months.  It is our prayer that the Lord will use the teaching of His word to establish a Deaf church consisting of Deaf people in Leon.  Again, the Lord is blessing the work of our hands.

School classes have begun.  Weekly worship services started this week.  Bi-monthly conferences are being scheduled.  A church planting effort is taking shape.  And a local evangelical church has taken up the task of building a school for the Deaf!  This is the Lord’s doing; it is marvelous in our eyes (Psalm 118:23).

Our meetings last month were attended by about 35 Deaf people over the course of the week.  The teaching was excellent and we are convinced the Lord has people among the Deaf who hunger for more.  In fact, the same question was asked of us in June that was asked last August: “When will someone come to teach us?”  That question has been answered in a remarkable way.  Now we have Bible teaching among the Deaf on an ongoing weekly basis.

The next step is Mexico City.  Soon we hope to have a Skype conversation with two pastors there.  Our good friend and colleague Omar Vazquez is setting that up for us and, Lord willing, we will have our first Deaf outreach there in November.  This is a huge opportunity.

What a blessing to see the fruit of one’s labors!  Now, as we work regularly among people who cannot hear the Gospel, pray for the grace of God to open their hearts to “hear” and believe the saving message of Christ’s sacrifice for sinners that they might be saved.

Grace and peace,

Keith and Sharon Doster for the entire Grace Deaf MissionsTeam

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Grace Deaf Missions News for June 2013

Off to Leon for our second visit to explain the Gospel to the Deaf


Saludos! from Grace Deaf Missions!

Lord willing, this Friday, June 21st, Sharon and I head off into the wild blue yonder for Leon, Mexico.  We will team up with three deaf pastors to conduct five days of evangelistic meetings.  I will be responsible for two of ten teaching sessions.

Every session will be taught in American Sign Language and translated into Mexican Sign Language.  (No, sign language is not universal.)  Sharon will be translating from ASL into English and our friend Omar Vazquez will translate English into Spanish for any hearing people who may be in attendance.  We’ll be listening with our ears and eyes!

The topics to be covered during the week are:

Monday The Holiness of God and The Nature of Sin

Tuesday The Judgments of God (in the Garden, the Flood, etc.) and The Need for Salvation

Wednesday Why is Jesus the Savior? and What Must I Do To Be Saved?

Thursday Signs of True Conversion and The Dangers of False Teachers

Friday What is Discipleship? and Our Sure Hope of Heaven

This is basic Christian doctrine.  The Deaf of Mexico have had little or no exposure to even the most elementary teachings of the Bible.  We pray these truths will result in eternal life for those who “hear” it.  True, it will fall on deaf ears.  But we pray it will fall on good soil and produce a great crop for Heaven.

We will board our return flight on July 1 and arrive home late that night, very tired, but very pleased to have been used of the Lord to take the Gospel to a few among the multitudes of deaf people who globally comprise the fourth largest unreached people group in the world.  Our work is but a drop in a very large ocean of work that needs to be done.  But God uses seemingly insignificant things to accomplish His glorious purposes.  We are delighted to be even a tiny part of what He is doing in the world.

On another note, there’s the Bus Project!  Many of you have responded to our call for help in getting a church bus from South Carolina to Leon for the deaf school we hope to start there.  Thank you SO MUCH for your generosity!  We are humbled and amazed.

However, the Bus Project has, in a sense, come to a screeching halt.  Or better, we’ve made a U-Turn.  After a few emails with Pastor Abel we’ve determined it would be a better use of our finances if we sold the bus.  One of the big reasons for this is the "import fee".  The initial estimate we received was $1200+.  The most recent estimate was close to $2000.  We seriously doubt any of this is legitimate.

Additionally, after our missionary Robert Morgret drove the bus from SC to TX (an adventure in itself!), we discovered that it gets rather poor gas mileage.  That is a major concern for Pastor Abel and his church.  Thus the U-Turn.  Now we hope to sell the bus and use the funds many of you have supplied to purchase a vehicle that will serve our purposes and not be a financial burden to the church in Leon.

So that’s the latest.  When we return, we hope to have some type of gathering to share with as many of you as possible what the Lord did during our time in Leon.  Thank you again for partnering with us and praying for us as we reach out to the unreached Deaf of Mexico.

Grace and peace,

Keith and Sharon Doster for the Grace Deaf Missions Team which includes:

The Dosters, Robert Morgret and Alberto Alcantar (LSM Interpreters), Kevin Hamilton, Dale Kesterson, Samuel Marsh (Deaf pastor/teachers), Jonathan Marsh (ASL Interpreter), and Pastor Abel Plata and his wonderful congregation.

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Grace Deaf Missions News for May 2013

Working to get the Gospel to the Deaf children of Leon, Mexico


We are quickly approaching our departure date for our second evangelistic event among the Deaf of Leon Mexico!

One month from today we head to the airport on our way back to Leon.  It is our hope and prayer that the Lord will once again see fit to use totally inadequate servants to accomplish His supernatural purposes in drawing men and women to faith in Christ, their only hope for salvation.

Since our April newsletter, a very exciting development has taken place.  The brethren at New Covenant Christian Fellowship in Greenville,South Carolina have gifted Grace Deaf Missions with a free bus! And this isn’t some left-over, junk yard refugee-type bus!  It is nice!  Lord willing, we will use it to provide transportation for children to attend a school for the Deaf which we are developing with Pastor Abel Plata and Jesus the True Vine Presbyterian Church in Leon.

Not only have we been given a bus, but a young man in the church, Clint, has volunteered to drive it to Texas the first week of June.  If you have ever driven across Texas, you know how long and mind-numbing a trip that can be.  It will take a few days to deliver it from South Carolina to Brownsville.  I for one, am immensely grateful for his willingness to do this for us.  Then Pastor Plata’s church will take delivery of it and become the new owners.

It is hard to imagine how great a blessing this bus will be for the Deaf in Leon.  Our friend Alberto Alcantar and our missionary Robert Morgret will be able to use it to transport children who would otherwise not be able to attend classes.  There are bus services available, but many Deaf parents cannot afford bus fees.  And imagine how scary it would be to put your deaf child on a bus and send him or her across the city alone having no one with whom they can communicate.  So we are very excited about how the Lord has opened this door of opportunity for us.  He is providing both the personnel and the physical assets to minister to the vast needs of those who cannot hear and have few, if any opportunities to improve their situation.

Our good friends at To Every Tribe Ministries in Los Fresnos will take temporary delivery of the bus and extend their hospitality to Clint and get him to the airport for his return trip.  Grace Deaf Missions has agreed to help New Covenant Christian Fellowship with the cost of delivery which will include gas, food, and a return plane ticket for Clint.

Since we are having meetings in Leon beginning June 24th until the 28th, that event is having a significant impact on our available funds.  And we sincerely thank you for your continuing financial support of this work.  But this new bus has been an unanticipated blessing.  If you are able to make a contribution of any amount to help us get Clint and the bus to Brownsville (and get Clint back home!), that would be a great help.  We estimate it will cost between $800 and $900.  You may send a check to Grace Fellowship designated The Bus Project.  Or you may make a donation to Grace Deaf Missions on our web page via PayPal.  Just go to and click on the button in the right margin.  Any funds above and beyond our actual expenses will go toward the normal operating costs of Grace Deaf Missions. Thank you!

As I have been writing this update, I’ve been listening to a message by Pastor Alistair Begg entitled, Inadequacy: The Surprising Secret to Being Useful to God. It is strange that God chooses to use people who are inadequate.  But in this way, God teaches His people to trust in Him and not in themselves.  Then, when great things are accomplished, it is abundantly obvious that it was God, and not the vessels He chose, who did it all.  When Paul asks, “Who is sufficient for these things?”, no one at Grace Deaf Missions says, “Here am I!  Send me!”  When God uses inadequate people to accomplish things far beyond their natural abilities, He brings glory to Himself and we all rejoice.  Please pray for us and for the Deaf in Leon.

“Let the favor of the Lord our God be upon us, and establish the work of our hands.” Psalm 90:17

Keith and Sharon Doster for the Grace Deaf Missions Team which includes: The Dosters and Robert Morgret, Alberto Alcantar (LSM Interpreter), Kevin Hamilton, Dale Kesterson, Samuel Marsh (Deaf pastors/teachers), Jonathan Marsh, and Pastor Abel Plata and his wonderful congregation.

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Grace Deaf Missions News for April 2013

A good word from our friend Pastor Abel Plata

Greetings brothers and sisters in the Lord!

For the last few months we have been organizing our next trip to Leon.  Our team is assembled, plane tickets are being purchased, and we are looking to fly to Houston and then to Leon on June 21st.  Teaching topics have been assigned to the five “speakers”, housing arrangements and transportation issues are being addressed.  Everything seems to be coming together and the Lord is once again blessing the work of our hands (Psalm 90:17).

As you may recall, we had evangelistic meetings last August at Jesus the True Vine Presbyterian Church.  Pastor Abel Plata and his congregation were exceptionally hospitable, tending to the many needs of our team.  I asked Pastor Abel if he would write a few words for our newsletter and here is what he said:

The church “Jesus la Vid Verdadera” (Jesus the True Vine) and the Deaf of León

We give thanks to God that he has permitted us in this last year to become aware of something that we were missing in our church.  We had not been doing anything to minister to Deaf people because we were not aware of this issue and because there was no one in our congregation that knew sign language.  But we have discovered that in the city of León there are many people with this disability and we had not been doing anything.  We want to support our Deaf friends, and therefore we are committed to begin the following actions:

1)      Learn Mexican Sign Language.  A few in our congregation are already convinced of this need and have started to take classes to learn.

2)      We have decided to support the work of Grace Deaf Missions that is taking place in the city of León.

3)      We have set apart some space in our facility so that every Sunday a group of the Deaf can meet and take part in teaching that is provided by the missionary Robert Morgret.

4)      In the future, when this group grows considerably, we would like to integrate them into our services with interpreters who will present the service in Mexican Sign Language.

In the same way in which Jesus did not look down upon anyone because of having leprosy, or being blind, deaf or mute, He is moving us to support these people who also need to know the love of God and the work of Jesus Christ on the cross that benefits the incapacitated.  We give thanks to God that He is moving us to complete this mission that belongs to every Christian (not just specialists) to help and care for the needy, especially by bringing them the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

May God bless our brothers and sisters of Grace Deaf Missions

What a blessing Pastor Abel is to us!  The Lord is using Grace Deaf Missions and Jesus la Vid Verdadera to minister the gospel to the Deaf in Leon, a place where, as far as we know, there is no biblical witness for the Deaf community.  We also have an invitation to visit Mexico City to meet several pastors there regarding Deaf ministry.  So please continue to pray for us.  If you are able to help us financially, that would also be a great help.  Our departure date for Leon is June 21st.  We hope to have five nightly meetings of about two hours each to instruct the Deaf in the word of God.  If you know of any churches, groups, or individuals that would like to know more about Grace Deaf Missions, please feel free to pass along this newsletter to them.

Grace and peace to you all!

Keith and Sharon Doster for the Grace Deaf Missions Team which includes:

The Dosters and Robert Morgret, Alberto Alcantar and Ivan Perea (LSM Interpreters), Kevin Hamilton, Toby Welch, Dale Kesterson, Samuel Marsh (Deaf pastor/teachers), Jonathan Marsh, and Pastor Abel Plata and his wonderful congregation.

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Grace Deaf Missions News for December 2012

During our meetings last August in Leon, Maria sat on the front row during our Sunday morning church service.  She was very attentive and even refrained from taking communion when the Elder explained that only genuine believers should participate in the remembrance of their Savior’s death for them.

After the last meeting was over Maria approached Kevin.  She was anxious to have him explain more about forgiveness of sins and Jesus’ sacrifice for sinners.  As Kevin signed the magnificent story of God’s mercy and grace it was obvious Maria was deeply affected.

A week later, Maria went to Alberto’s house.  She said her son was very angry with her for attending Baptist meetings (in a Presbyterian church, no less)!  She asked Alberto what she should do.  With wisdom from God Alberto replied, “It doesn’t matter what your son thinks or what I think you should do.  What’s important is, what does God want you to do?”  

Alberto explained that it was the Holy Spirit working in her heart to help her understand and believe the truth about Jesus.  As the visit was coming to a close, Maria told Alberto she had suffered from painful, swollen legs for quite some time.  Alberto told her to ask God to heal her legs.

Two days later, Maria returned to Alberto with wonderful news.  “I believe now!  Jesus died for me, to forgive me.  I have accepted the Holy Spirit into my life.”  And the Lord had healed her legs as well!

Alberto was witness to the dramatic change in Maria’s life!  Maria’s spiritual birth took place during the last week of August.  The last week of November, Alberto called to tell us Maria had died, apparently from an abdominal infection.

Our hearts are filled with both sadness and rejoicing in knowing Maria is in the presence of her newfound Lord.  We are also filled with wonder that Grace Deaf Missions had a part in helping a Deaf, Mexican woman understand the gospel before her death.  

And you, dear friend are a huge part of the work the Lord is doing in Leon.  You have prayed and given generously so that those who walk in darkness might see the great light of the Gospel.  Thank you.

Some recent highlights:
•       Robert moved to Leon and stayed with Alberto’s family for 2 months but recently moved into a house and is quite happy. 
•       A Sunday afternoon Bible study as been poorly attended by the Deaf.  We have discovered that many of them work on Sundays or don't have transportation.  Robert has attended quite a few Deaf functions which might be the best way, for now, to establish friendships and share the Gospel.  
•       The “president” (aka Mayor) of Leon is a close friend of Alberto’s sister and has visited their home on numerous occasions.  Alberto has asked her for help in finding a suitable place for his school, (he has been teaching in the courtyard of his mother’s house).
•    Finally, we are in the planning stages of our second evangelistic outreach for Leon in March.  Lots of details remain to be worked out but we hope to have an even better response from the Deaf community than we saw in August.

Again, we thank you for your continued interest in our work in Leon.  And we are hoping for an opportunity to begin a work at some point in Mexico City.  The scope of this work is huge.  According to one source, approximately 80% of all the Deaf in Mexico are in Mexico City.  We need to figure out a way to get there!  And we need people who are willing to go there and work in this inherently difficult “people group” because of the considerable communication problems that exist.                

We still dream of the day when we will have a “real” school for the Deaf and a “real” Deaf church in Leon.  But the Lord knows what He’s about.  We sow the seed, and wait for Him to give the increase.  We have already seen His hand at work in Maria’s life.  Pray with us that He might draw many more to Himself and continue to use us and allow us to participate in His harvest among the Deaf.

Grace and peace and Happy Incarnation Day!

Keith and Sharon Doster
for the Grace Deaf Missions Team

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Grace Deaf Missions News for October 2012

A brief report on our excellent trip to Leon in August

It’s hard to believe more than a month has already passed since we were in Leon, Mexico!  Some of you have already heard reports of our trip and others are still waiting to hear.  So, please forgive any repetitions as we try to highlight our first Grace Deaf Missions trip.

As you know from past newsletters, 8 of us flew from the US to spend 5 days in Mexico.  Some of the team members had never met before and we really didn’t know what to expect once we arrived in Leon.  But, as we have seen since the very beginning, the Lord had prepared the way for us.  

Our very gracious host, Pastor Abel met us at the airport.  He was our primary chauffeur, translator and guide for the week.  His church, Jesus La Vid Verdadera (Jesus is the True Vine) was the location for our meetings and Sunday morning worship.  On the second day, as we sat across the table from him, (eating an authentic Mexican meal provided by some of the women in the church) Pastor Abel said, “Any time you want to come back, this is your home.”  

Along with the 8 team members from the US, Alberto and Ivan made 10.  Both young men are Mexican, Deaf and fluent in both Mexican Sign Language (LSM) and American Sign Language (ASL).  For each meeting, (even in basic conversations) we needed multiple interpreters for the 4 languages being used.  At times it was pretty confusing!

In anticipation of our first meeting on Saturday morning, some of us wondered if anyone would show up.  Alberto had personally invited quite a few of his Deaf friends and a group had gone out on Friday night, inviting more to come, but we had no way of knowing who would show up.  Actually, the meetings were very well attended, with an average of 25 Deaf adults for each session.  For our first missions trip, that was outstanding!  We were all very encouraged and perhaps Pastor Abel the most.

When we arrived at the church on Saturday morning, we noticed a young man with a backpack slung over his shoulder, sitting on the curb.  We weren’t sure if he was homeless or just hoping for some money, until he stood up and started signing.  Edgar rode the bus all night, arrived in Leon and had been waiting for us since 5:30 AM!  He had seen Alberto’s Facebook comment about Grace Deaf Missions coming to Leon and he wanted to be there.  Edgar is a lover of Jesus, but he starves for Christian fellowship.  

Berto is a single, Deaf man, trying to support his mother.  3 months ago, he had come to Alberto’s home, begging for help.  His mother had recently had a stroke and didn’t have any money to see a doctor or buy medication.  Berto himself, had not eaten for 3 days.  Alberto gave him some food, found a job for him and talked to him about Jesus. When he found out that we were coming to Leon, he couldn’t wait for us to explain more of this wonderful news to him.  During our 2 days of meetings, Berto’s face shone with joy.  A simple gift of white athletic socks brought tears to his eyes.  He knew they were really a gift from God.

During the last session on Sunday night, Pastor Kevin Hamilton did an excellent job of explaining repentance from sin, faith and obedience to Christ.  As always there was a question and answer time after the meeting.  Ernesto stood and signed for the whole group, “We believe what you have told us.  We know that we need to turn from our sins.  We know that God’s Word is important for us to understand.  But who will teach us?  We have no Deaf churches, no interpreters, no one.  What will we do?  When are you coming back?”  As we watched this man express the frustration of them all, our hearts ached for those who had been neglected for so long.  But we were able to share some wonderful news with them as well;  Robert was planning to move to Leon!  What an enthusiastic reaction we witnessed as the Deaf realized there would soon be someone coming who could teach them God’s Word.

While preparing this newsletter (10/6/12), Robert and Alberto are meeting in McAllen (TX).  Tomorrow they will both drive to Leon, at least 12 hours, where Robert will find an apartment and begin his missionary work there.  This has been a long time coming, but the way has obviously been prepared by the Lord for Grace Deaf Missions to work there.

Thank you for praying for the Deaf in Leon.  We have seen the Lord do amazing things, as we’ll share in upcoming letters.  Please pray for Grace Deaf Missions as we plan our next trip to Mexico.  If the Lord allows, we’d like to return in January.  We’ll keep you posted.

Thank you for being such an encouragement to us.
In His hands,

Keith and Sharon,
Grace Deaf Missions

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Grace Deaf Missions Newsletter - August 2012

We're on the launch pad and all systems are GO!

We’re beginning to feel like we work for NASA!  It is now less than a week before launch and we’re counting down the hours to our blast off for Leon, Mexico.  The goal of this mission?  The proclamation of the biblical gospel of Jesus Christ to the Deaf in a language they can understand.  Some will be “hearing” this message for the very first time in their lives by seeing it explained through Mexican Sign Language (LSM).

Sharon and I don’t know LSM.  Nor do the two deaf pastors going with us.  Nor does Robert Morgret, our missionary.  But we have interpreters.  Pictured below with Robert are our good friends Ivan Perea (center) and Alberto Alcantar (right).  They are both Mexican, deaf, and bi-lingual.  They will be interpreting American Sign Language into Mexican Sign Language for the Deaf who attend our meetings.

These two young men are responsible to accurately translate into LSM what is being preached and taught in ASL.  We have no way at this point of knowing if their translation will be entirely accurate or not.  We trust that will not always be the case.  We hope to become more proficient in LSM in the days and years ahead.  But in all translations, spoken or signed, there are always discrepancies and inaccuracies which need to be addressed.  In this situation, four languages will be spoken and signed simultaneously: ASL, LSM, English and Spanish.  A perfect storm for misinterpretation.

Three AmigosHowever, as we look back through the years that have led us to this event, as someone once said, “God’s fingerprints are all over this!”  We are confident the Lord has led us to this specific task.  Recently, Robert told us he is convinced the Lord has prepared him throughout his entire life to be a missionary to the Deaf in Mexico.

On Thursday, ten of us will converge at George Bush International Airport in Houston and fly together to meet Alberto and Pastor Abel Plata in Leon.  There, we will make our final preparations for two days of meetings designed to communicate the great news of the substitutionary death of Jesus Christ for the salvation of all who believe.  But without the work of the Holy Spirit enabling us, without His power working in the hearts and minds of the Deaf (and the Hearing), nothing of any spiritual significance will be accomplished.  So pray with us to that end.  We fully expect the Lord to answer our prayers!

Thank you for all the encouragement you’ve sent our way through notes, financial gifts, face to face conversations, phone calls, and everything else.  We are very pleased to be the people the Lord has seen fit to use for this task.  We’re absolutely incompetent in our own strength.  But by God’s enabling grace, we become, in a sense, infallible.  He will certainly accomplish all His purposes and we get the astounding privilege of being the means through which He does His work.

Lord willing, we will return on August 28th.  We hope and expect to bring back good news of God’s miraculous granting of repentance,

Keith and Sharonfaith, forgiveness of sins, eternal life, and a new heart to many Deaf people in Leon.  Stay tuned!

Grace and peace,

Keith Doster, for the Grace Deaf Missions Team: Keith and Sharon, Robert Morgret, Alberto Alcantar & Ivan Perea, Kevin Hamilton & Dale Kesterson (Deaf ASL pastors), Donna Cook & Melissa Gentner (Spanish translators), and Jonathan Marsh (ASL interpreter), along with Pastor Abel Plata and the hospitable congregation of Jesus is the True Vine Presbyterian Church in Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico.

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Grace Deaf Missions Newsletter - July 2012 (Pt. 2)

An update on our plans to take the Gospel to the Deaf of Leon

Yesterday (7/15) Sharon and I had the privilege of worshiping with our brothers and sisters at Reformed Baptist Church in Lewisburg, PA.  It was such a blessing to introduce many of them to the work of Grace Deaf Missions.  Pastor Les Clemens was away, so I also had the joy of preaching to his congregation on the topic of our adoption by God.  That message has become a great blessing to me personally and hopefully it has been an encouragement to others as well.

In Acts 18, as the Apostle Paul was making his way from Macedonia to Corinth, as was his custom, he went to the synagogue to teach.  And as was the custom with the Jews, they opposed and reviled him.  But many of the Corinthians believed the gospel.  Then we read these curious words:

And the Lord said to Paul one night in a vision, “Do not be afraid, but go on speaking and do not be silent, for I am with you, and no one will attack you to harm you, for I have many in this city who are my people.” (Acts 18:9&10 ESV)

Spanish Transator for Grace Deaf MissionsI cannot help but think the Lord has many Deaf people in Leon who are His.  Many who will become our brothers and sisters as the Lord saves them so that he might adopt them as His own sons and daughters.  It has been amazing to watch the Lord make our path straight all the way to Mexico.  So many details have fallen into place that it is evident God is orchestrating this work. We believe He has Deaf people in Leon and He is using us to take His Gospel to them.

Melissa Gentner is one of our translators.  She is a member Grace Fellowship and has considerable experience ministering in Mexico.  She is fluent in Spanish and will serve as an interpreter for Sharon and me, along with Sharon’s sister Donna.  Melissa will also be taking along her 6-month old daughter, Sarah.  Hopefully, little Sarah’s passport will arrive very soon so please be in prayer for them both.

Our journey to Mexico begins on August 23.  Last week, Pastor Samuel Marsh informed us he will not be able to make this trip.  That was disappointing, but it reminds us that we are absolutely dependent upon the Lord in this endeavor.  Samuel’s son, Jonathan, will be joining us and serving as an additional ASL interpreter for the three “speakers” for the conference: Pastor Kevin Hamilton, Robert Morgret, myself.  We will each be responsible for two 1-hour sessions.  I have never preached or taught extensively in Sign Language.  So this has become a bigger challenge than we first anticipated.  Please pray.

Finally, the Lord has raised up numerous friends to support this trip financially.  A huge relief and a huge blessing!  But please remember, we are not planning a single summer missions trip.  We hope to establish Grace Deaf Missions as an ongoing work.  A school for Deaf children?  An orphanage?  Formal missionary training for hearing and deaf students to do church-planting work?  There is a huge amount of work to be done.  Will you continue to work with us and pray for us?

The Lord has people in the city of Leon, Deaf brothers and sisters who will “hear” the gospel for the first time in just a few weeks.  We look forward to seeing the great things He will do.

Grace and peace,


Keith Doster, for the Grace Deaf Missions Team: Keith and Sharon, Robert Morgret (our missionary), Alberto Alcantar (coordinator in Leon), Kevin Hamilton (our Deaf evangelist), Donna Cook and Melissa Gentner (Spanish translators), and Jonathan Marsh (ASL interpreter).

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Grace Deaf Missions Newsletter - July 2012 (Pt. 1)

We never know how the Lord may use us for His purposes.  Thirty years ago, I never would have imagined that one day I would be going to Mexico to share the Good News of the Gospel with the Deaf.  Working among the Deaf never crossed my mind.  I never would have imagined that one day I would learn American Sign Language or that I would be a part of a ministry like Grace Deaf Missions.  We never know all the plans the Lord has in store for us.  Even after our lives in this world are finished, God often continues to use us for His purposes and glory.

Mr. Glenn SeibenThat is the case with Mr. Glenn Sieben.  Mr. Sieben went home to be with the Lord last year at the age of 97.  But the Lord was not finished with him.  Because he left an inheritance to his niece, a long-time friend of Sharon’s and mine, Grace Deaf Missions has been given a very generous gift to help us on our way to Mexico.

Our friend gave this gift in honor of her uncle because Mr. Sieben suffered from serious hearing loss.  Through his service to our country during World War II, her uncle's hearing diminished the rest of his life.  Our friend felt her uncle would be pleased to help Grace Deaf Missions take the message of salvation to people who cannot hear.

We do not take this kind of generosity and trust lightly.  We realize we are asking fellow believers to fund this work.  When we receive a financial gift from you, regardless of its size, it is both encouraging and humbling.  You not only believe the gospel is the power of God unto salvation for all who believe, but you  are also trusting us to take that gospel to those who cannot “hear” it except through their eyes.  Thank you for trusting us.  We expect to bring reports of God’s faithfulness in answer to your prayers.

We hope this trip to Leon in August will be the first of many.  And just like we don’t know how the Lord might use us after death, we don’t know exactly how He intends to use us now.  I can foresee a day when Grace Deaf Missions has a Deaf church in Leon and we are teaching hearing missionaries Mexican Sign Language so they might live there to minister to the Deaf on an ongoing basis, Lord willing.

Uncle Glenn & SusieRecently, our treasurer reported that we have approximately $5700 in our Mission to Mexico account.  That provides for the majority of our immediate need.  But this is just the beginning.  However the Lord chooses to use us as laborers in His harvest field in the future, we will go as often as possible and do as much as we’re able as you enable us to do so with your gifts.  But whatever the Lord provides, we pray He will help us use it responsibly and wisely for the sake of his kingdom and for His glory.

Thank you, Uncle Glenn.  Thank you, friends.  And thank you, Lord, for giving us this good work to do.  Bless the work of our hands.

Grace and peace,

Keith Doster, for the Grace Deaf Missions Team: Keith and Sharon, Robert Morgret (our missionary), Alberto Alcantar (coordinator in Leon), Kevin Hamilton and Samuel Marsh (our Deaf evangelists), Donna Cook and Melissa Gentner (Spanish translators).

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Grace Deaf Missions Newsletter - June 2012

Two months left before we depart for Leon, Mexico and our evangelistic meetings with the Deaf there.

Greetings from Grace Deaf Missions!  The time is drawing near for us to start packing our bags for Mexico.  The plan is to fly to Houston on Thursday August 23rd and then to Leon for two days of evangelistic meetings on the following Saturday and Sunday.  Then we’ll return home on Tuesday the 28th, Lord willing.  The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps (Proverbs 16:9 ESV).  We’re trusting the Lord to establish our steps as we make plans to head south.

In anticipation of our trip, and so you know how and who to pray for, I’d like to introduce you to one of our Mission to Leon team members, Donna Cook.

Our Spanish translator in Leon.Hi!  I'm Sharon Doster's sister, Donna Cook.  Sharon and I were blessed to be raised in a Christian family.  We were taught from the Bible that God loves us so much that He was willing to do what it took to make us right with Him by sending His Son to live a perfect life in our place and then take our sin and guilt and the punishment we deserved so that, when we trusted Him as our Savior, God would forgive us and accept us as his children and give us eternal Life!

The Lord has given us the immense privilege and opportunity to share this good news with many, many people who have never heard it.  Among those are the Deaf, a huge unreached people group who have extremely rare opportunities to "hear" it, especially in other countries.

I've been invited to join the Grace Deaf Missions team going to Leon, Mexico, in August because my family and I were missionaries in Latin America for many years.  We expect there will be Spanish-speaking family members or friends who will accompany the Deaf to the conference and we want them to be able to understand the good news being shared in Mexican Sign Language.  The Bible says, "Faith comes by hearing and hearing through the word of Christ".

That is exactly right: Faith does come by hearing.  But the Deaf can’t hear.  For them, saving faith is heard when the gospel is communicated through sign language.  They “hear” the gospel with their eyes, and they understand the gospel by the power of the Holy Spirit working upon their hearts and minds, just like the rest of us.

In our last letter, we estimated our outstanding financial need to be between $5000 and $6000.  Through a few special gifts we’ve received recently, we now have almost $1500 towards that need.  If you can help with the remaining $4500 within the next few weeks, it would certainly be greatly appreciated.  Sharon received her passport in three weeks (!), and we’re hoping to purchase plane tickets by July 1.  So pray with us and ask the Lord to provide in His perfect timing.  Thank you for all your help and encouragement!

Grace and peace,

Keith Doster, for the Grace Deaf Missions Team: Keith and Sharon, Robert Morgret (our missionary), Alberto Alcantar (coordinator in Leon), Kevin Hamilton (our Deaf evangelist), Donna Cook and Melissa Gentner (Spanish translators).

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Grace Deaf Missions Newsletter - May 2012

The Latest News from Grace Deaf Missions

Greetings from Grace Deaf Missions!

April was a busy month for us.  We attended the John Bunyan Conference in Lewisburg, PA and the Green Mountain Baptist Association Spring Meeting in Whiting, VT.  We also had a wonderful visit with our brethren at Reformed Bible Church in West Rutland, VT.

Deaf Students at Mt. Aloysius College Time is short!  Lord willing, two pastors from Deaf Reformed Ministries, Kevin Hamilton and Toby Welch, will accompany us to Leon in August.  Alberto Alcantar will be traveling to Houston from Leon in June to meet Kevin and Toby to discuss the evangelistic meetings in more detail.  As of the time of this writing, we have approximately three months to make final preparations for our first venture to the Deaf of Leon, Mexico with the gospel.  Sharon is getting her passport, we’ll be purchasing plane tickets soon, and Alberto will handle our housing accommodations.

Apart from continued prayer for the Lord’s blessing upon us, all that remains is to gather the finances to make this a reality.  We do not yet have the funds needed for our travel expenses.  Previously, we have assumed that all who receive this letter understand Grace Deaf Missions needs regular financial support.  So we have not asked repeatedly for what you already know we need.  But now the time has come for us to make the reservations, purchase the plane tickets, etc. Our current financial situation will not allow it.  We estimate our immediate need to be between $5000 and $6000 to cover these costs.

For those of you who have given in the past to support this work, we sincerely thank you.  We don’t take that for granted especially in these economically challenging times.  Please pray for our remaining needs.  Ask the Lord to supply as He sees fit.  If you could send a gift today, it will be put to good use immediately.

And pray for the Deaf in Mexico.  They need to “hear” the Gospel.  Thank you for your partnership in this effort to enable the Deaf of Mexico to see with their eyes and understand with their hearts the gospel in their own language.

Grace and peace,

Keith Doster, for the Grace Deaf Missions Team: Keith and Sharon, Robert Morgret (our missionary), Alberto Alcantar (coordinator in Leon), Kevin Hamilton and Toby Welch (our Deaf evangelists), Donna Cook and Melissa Gentner (Spanish translators).

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Grace Deaf Missions Newsletter - April 2012

Update on our recent efforts to get organized and God's providence in it all!

Grace Deaf Missions Logo

Greetings brethren!

As you can see from our new logo, we’ve been working hard to get organized.  Over the past few months, the Lord has supplied all the right people and all the finances necessary to get literature, prayer cards, business cards, a basic table display, and even some really nice shirts designed and produced.  This is all part of our effort to promote the work of Grace Deaf Missions.  Appearance isn’t everything, but a nice appearance can certainly be beneficial.  We hope you like our new look.

Today Sharon reminded me of how faithful the Lord has been to surround us with the very people we need to get this work done.  The graphics work was done by a friend who lives down the street from us.  We’ve known her for several years, but we never knew she was a graphics artist until recently.  And she lives within sight of our house!  Tammy’s work is excellent, and her price has been far more than reasonable.  She is a sister in the Lord and has done a great job for us.  God is so good!

Then, there’s our friend who owns a printing business.  He and I have worked together in the past on several construction projects.  But now he’s pursuing his goal of having his own print shop.  Kody is a brother in the Lord, and he and his wife Cindy have contributed financially to Grace Deaf Missions.  They believe in what we’re trying to do.  Again, the Lord has provided in ways we did not anticipate!

And then there is the young lady in our church who is fluent in Spanish!  Melissa hopes to be an interpreter for us when we travel to Leon in August.  It is remarkable that in our little fellowship of about 20 people, we have someone who knows Spanish so well and is so eager to help!

Finally, Sharon’s sister Donna has been led of the Lord to serve as our second interpreter.  For nearly 30 years she was a missionary with her husband in several Spanish-speaking countries until he went home to be with the Lord in 2004.  She has desired to be involved in missions once again, and now the Lord has given her this opportunity to serve Him with Grace Deaf Missions.

It is astounding to see the Lord provide all the people we need in order to do the work He has called us to do!  Alberto Alcantar is in Leon making all the arrangements for our evangelistic meetings.  Robert Morgret continues to prepare for ministry in Kentucky and is traveling and talking with the Deaf pastors who will be accompanying us and preaching.  And YOU, dear friends!  You are making all of this possible with your gifts.  God is answering your prayers for us.  Obviously!

Thank you once again for your continued support and encouragement as we follow the Lord’s leading to take the Gospel of the saving grace of God to the Deaf of Mexico.

Grace and peace,

Keith, for the entire Grace Deaf Missions team

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Grace Deaf Missions Newsletter - December 2011

Greetings, friends for the Deaf!

During the month of November our missionary to Mexico, Robert Morgret, spent three weeks in Leon with our good friend and Mexican Sign Language teacher, Alberto Alcantar. It was a great time of fellowship for them both. In our conversations with Alberto, we have learned that there is no church family in Leon that he knows of where he could attend and be taught the Word of God. It’s not that there are no churches. There are plenty of churches. But no interpreters for the Deaf. There are very few provisions made for the Deaf anywhere in Mexico, whether it be in the churches or in the schools or anywhere else. In fact, on one occasion Alberto went to the local Office for the Disabled. They would not provide an interpreter for Alberto in order for him to have an appointment. He was told he had to supply his own interpreter. He doesn’t know of any.

So you can only imagine how little access the Deaf have to any truly biblical teaching. The Jehovah’s Witnesses are working hard among the Deaf in Mexico, as are other cults. But there are very, very few works aimed at taking the true, biblical, saving gospel message to the Deaf. That is why we are hoping to address that huge problem to the best of our ability and to the extent that our funds will allow. We pray the Lord will see fit to use Grace Deaf Missions as a means of providing access for the Deaf to the Lord Jesus through the preaching of the gospel using Mexican Sign Language.

Another interesting development which we’re seeing take place is the creation of a school for the Deaf. For all practical purposes, there are no Deaf schools in Mexico, according to what Alberto has told us. However, he has begun to make inroads in this direction. Unofficially, Robert, Alberto and three deaf brothersAlberto is already teaching a number of people, children and adults, hearing and Deaf. He teaches one hearing couple that lives 90 minutes away. He does all of this at his own expense with no help or reimbursement from the government (which is probably a good thing). But there is only so much one man can do, paying for it out of his own pocket. This is the kind of work we hope to encourage and support as we’re able. Alberto understands the need for someone to come alongside him to teach the Bible. Robert would like to be that man.

The picture you see here is an example of the kind of ministry we hope to have. The seven year old twins on the left, Jesus and Miguel, and their five year old brother on the right, Leonardo, are all deaf. Their parents are also deaf.  Jesus is wearing dark glasses because he just had surgery on one eye. It is possible he will become blind in that eye. What will this little boy do if he becomes both deaf and blind? I am grateful to God for His mercy in sending Alberto and Robert to him to encourage him to look to the Lord Jesus as his Savior.

If the blessings the Deaf in America take for granted are completely beyond the reach of the Deaf of Mexico,

how far removed is the gospel?

This month we received an invitation from the Green Mountain Baptist Association of Vermont to attend their Spring Meeting in April in order to present a breakout session regarding our ministry to the Deaf. Please pray we will be well-received and the Lord would move others to join us in this seemingly impossible task. One of our immediate needs is for professionally-produced literature. If you know of people who could help us out in this area, it would be GREATLY appreciated!

As a final reminder, when sending your financial gifts, please make your check out to Grace Fellowship and on the memo line be sure to write “For Grace Deaf Missions”.

May the Lord bless you all as you celebrate the incarnation of our wonderful Savior!

Keith Doster and the Grace Deaf Missions Team

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Grace Deaf Missions Newsletter - November 2011

This morning I received a call from the Sorensen Video Relay Service. It was an American Sign Language interpreter speaking for our deaf friend Joanna, who lives a couple of miles away. Usually these calls are casual conversations, while at other times it may be a request for assistance in communicating with hearing people.

Today it was the latter. Joanna asked if I could come to their house and interpret for them. A couple of guys were installing a new wood stove in their basement and Joanna’s husband, Bill, had some questions for the installers. Thankfully this was one of those mundane, non-emergency situations and I was able to help.

This kind of scenario is totally foreign to the vast majority of the Deaf in Mexico. They do not have the magnificent luxury of a free Video Relay system at their disposal which allows them to see and talk to both deaf and hearing people as easily as you and I talk on the phone. Nor do they have interpreters or anyone else who knows Mexican Sign Language, including their parents, living in their neighborhoods. Nor do they own their own homes, a virtual impossibility. What I experienced with Bill and Joanna this morning is nearly beyond the imagination of multitudes of Deaf people in Mexico.

If the everyday blessings the Deaf in America take for granted are completely beyond the reach of the Deaf of Mexico,

how far removed is the gospel?

Grace Deaf Missions is continuing to make plans for our first gospel outreach event next year. The tentative plan at this point is to have some evangelistic meetings in the city of Leon. Leon is about 8 hours northwest of Mexico City and is the home of our friend and Mexican Sign Language teacher, Alberto Alcantar.

On November 7th, Robert Morgret will be flying from Danville, Kentucky to Leon to spend three weeks with Alberto to “spy out the

Map of Mexico

land” so we will have a better idea how to plan for our outreach there in October of 2012, Lord willing.  In the meantime, Sharon continues to study Mexican Sign Language three days a week with Alberto in Leon via Skype, while Robert continues his theological studies with our friend, Rev. Kevin Hamilton of Deaf Reformed Church in Danville. And they like to eat too, as you can see!

Please pray with us for the needed grace to do this good work in Robert and Kevina manner that is pleasing to our heavenly Father. If you’re able to do so without neglecting the support of your own church, we would deeply appreciate your continued giving so that we might take the biblical gospel message to the Deaf of Leon. Be sure to make your check out to Grace Fellowship. A heart-felt “Gracias!” to you all for your past support of Grace Deaf Missions.

One final note: Our mailing address has changed slightly. Please be sure to mail any future gifts to PO Box 121 in Pine Grove Mills, PA - 16868.

Grace and peace,


Keith Doster, for the Grace Deaf Missions team!

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Grace Deaf Missions Newsletter - July 2011

Greetings friends!

As you can see from this letter, much has happened in recent days with our brother, Robert Morgret. You all should have received a letter in June from David Sitton of To Every Tribe Ministries explaining Robert’s transition. He is now a missionary with Grace Deaf Missions, a new organization we’ve begun as a ministry of our church, Grace Fellowship of Pine Grove Mills.

To Every Tribe and Grace Deaf Missions working together for the sake of the Deaf in Mexico

We are excited about what the Lord is doing! Anytime a new work begins, there are endless details to tend to in order to simply become operational. Over the last two months we have:

1. Consulted with an attorney regarding the legal ramifications of a new missionary outreach.

2. Gotten our banking “ducks in a row” in order to facilitate smooth transactions between us and those of you

who support this work financially. (And on that note, please make your checks payable to Grace Fellowship Church and be sure to write Grace Deaf Missions on the memo line.)

3. Created return receipts, mailing lists, address label templates, and this newsletter in order to keep in contact with you all more consistently.

4. Made lots of phone calls and written bunches of emails to answer your questions about Robert’s transitioning from To Every Tribe Ministries to Grace Deaf Missions.

5. Begun setting up our church website in order to accept funds electronically for Grace Deaf Missions.

Alberto is teaching us Mexican Sign Language6. Begun working with our good friend Alberto Alcantar in Mexico. He is teaching Sharon Mexican Sign Language via Skype five days a week (or as often as possible), one and one-half hours a day. A huge task, and a huge blessing! Sharon will eventually be teaching me LSM.

(So now you really know how to pray!)

7. Attended the annual Deaf Reformed Ministries Conference in Indianapolis which was excellent! (You can learn more about them at

8. Brought our entire church family on board to be the administrative support team for Grace Deaf Missions. (And started an American Sign Language class at church!)

We’ve been busy! Once we get situated to actually perform the work of running this ministry, then comes the planning of excursions into Mexico, the raising of additional funds to go there, the coordination of the outreach activities, etc., etc., etc. Lots and lots of work yet to do!

So please be patient with us as we slowly move ahead into unfamiliar territory. The Lord’s leading has been quite evident and we are happy to be a part of His plan to take the Gospel to people who have never heard it. But they won’t hear it from us either! By the Lord’s grace, they will see it through our hands and our faces and come to understand the greatness of our Savior as we communicate through Mexican Sign Language the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Grace and peace,


Keith Doster for the Grace Deaf Missions team

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