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2010 Blog Entries

Burning the Koran, and Other Unforgivable Sins
In the Providence of God, Pastor Jones May Be Furthering God's Work in a Way We'd Prefer Not to See
Ecumenicalism vs. Christianity
Popular Ecumenicalism is inherently destructive to Biblical Christianity
Does Halloween Do More Harm Than Good for Our Children?
Turning Death and the Grave Into a Make-Believe Halloween World Prepares Our Children for Traumatization When Someone Close Actually Dies
The Attack of the Feminist Clones
One totally objective reporter's take on the evil and subversive threat of Pregnancy Resource Clinics
Pro-Choice is Really Pro-Abortion
Response to the outcry from feminists against the Tim Tebow Superbowl ad
Peggy isn't here right now . . .
Some thoughts on my friend's departure to Paradise
Does Christmas Do More Harm than Good for Our Children?
If we're supposed to be celebrating the Incarnation of Christ, how does Christmas contribute to that?
Then, "then" is different than "than"?
Something I just had to say simply because I care.
Hunting for Sunday Worship
How Not to Find a Good Church
My Problem With CityServe
Confusing Moralism With Christianity
Right-Wing Fundamentalist Pro-Life-Retaliation
Just another example of how those pro-lifers are hateful and mean-spirited

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