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Chik-fil-A and Straight Hate

Why the Pro-Gay Community Cannot Stomach Those Who Disagree With Them
Chik-fil-A and Straight Hate

". . . and express your hatred for gays everywhere!"

Never has one person’s comments concerning his own convictions regarding the nature of marriage been met with such overwhelming disdain and fantastic support simultaneously.  On the one hand, it is very encouraging to see multitudes calmly and gladly express their agreement with Dan Cathy’s very simple belief that marriage is between a man and a woman.  Who knew that the purchase of a chicken sandwich could become such a profound (and insulting) statement for morality and biblical truth?

On the other hand, there are those who cannot seem to keep their mouths shut when there is the suggestion that their actions may be wrong, or their beliefs misplaced.  Those people -- famous the world over for their persistent insistence upon tolerance for their alternative lifestyles by all the rest of us -- they come out in full force with unbridled offensiveness, with complete disdain for anyone who would dare to question their sexual preferences, vilifying the rest of the nation and the world with self-unrighteous indignation.  Here is just one example, but a very good one, from a prominent gay sympathizer:

"Without question, Dan Cathy has every right to voice his opinions and beliefs," Herndon Graddick, president of the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, said in a statement. "But he should meet and get to know the people that he's speaking out against - the people who are harmed by his company's multi-million dollar donations to anti-gay hate groups working to hurt everyday LGBT Americans and break apart loving families," Graddick said. 1

If similar statements by gay sympathizers were collected and merely catalogued by name and date only, the publication would look like a New York phone book.  It is common practice for formerly hated, oppressed and abused homosexuals to be hatefully oppressive and abusive of anyone who is not in lockstep with their opinions regarding marriage and sexuality.  And that is precisely what they are: opinions.

Dan Cathy does not have opinions about marriage.  He has conviction.  And his conviction is based upon the Bible.  He also has conviction about the Bible: It is the very word of God.  So if the Bible really and truly is the record of what God has said, and if God has said (and He has) that marriage is the permanent joining of a husband and wife, male and female, then this is no longer an opinion.  This is an unshakable commitment to the truth of Scripture as the final word on the nature of marriage or any other topic which the Bible may address because the Scriptures are the word of God and therefore true.  Mr. Cathy's convictions are based upon the objective truth of the Bible.

The gay community has no such convictions.  They have sincerely held subjective opinions backed by immeasurable, shameless pride in who and what they are and do and think.  They are the truly tolerant ones.  Look at the behavior they tolerate amongst themselves, and that in public.

But whoever disagrees with them can go to hell, especially Christians.  Whoever disagrees with them is, by default, an intolerant hatemonger, regardless of what the facts may actually be because the gay community is a law unto itself.  They are the measure of all morality and virtue.  They are the self-proclaimed icons of love and acceptance.  And they are right simply because they say so.  Hey, it’s just love.

I am really tired of being accused of hating people I don’t even know.  And I’m tired of being associated with those so-called Christians who actually hate gay people.  Please stop placing me in the same category with them.  I am not them.

I’m tired of being accused of hating gay people because I believe the same thing my parents, and grandparents, and great grandparents, and great-great grandparents believed about marriage.  Are they post-mortem hatemongers?

And I’m particularly tired of government officials like Rahm Emanuel telling me that his values and the values of the people of Chicago are vastly superior to mine specifically because of a single issue: I believe marriage should be between two people of the opposite sex.

Why do so many gays and gay sympathizers hate the “straight”?  Why are they so intolerant of those of us who cannot with a clear conscience accept their re-definition of love and marriage?

No one, homosexual or heterosexual, is particularly fond of being told he is mistaken.  We all believe the things we believe because we think everything we believe must be true, or really close to the truth.  I am confident the vast majority of those who identify with the LGBT crowd feel completely justified in their stance just as I feel justified in mine.  But why?

We listen to and appreciate those with whom we agree.  I will be the first to admit that is true of me.  It takes effort to love those who differ, whether the differing is over moral issues or paint colors.  We all quite naturally think everything we believe is right.  The only person who intentionally believes something and insists upon the validity of it while knowing it is false is a pathological liar. And that, as we all know, goes on all day every day.

So who does the gay community listen to?  Who are their heroes?  To whom do they look for guidance and encouragement?  Fellow LGBTs.  People with whom they have the most in common.  The people with whom they agree the most.

Who does the Christian community listen to (presumably)?  Who are our heroes?  Well, not to put it too bluntly, they aren’t from the LGBT crowd.

It is no surprise that “birds of a feather flock together”.  But this particular issue runs quite deep.  This isn’t a matter of preferring flat Eggshell over semi-gloss Offwhite.  This is a matter of right and wrong, good and evil, morality and immorality, righteousness and sinfulness.  Each crowd accuses the other of being wrong, evil, immoral, and sinful.  And, lest we forget, hateful.  Which group is correct?

To be honest, both parties are correct.  Both parties are guilty to varying degrees.  It is absolutely true that so-called Christians as well as true followers of the Lord Jesus have been guilty of very sinful attitudes and actions towards the gay community on far too many occasions.  No one can genuinely deny that.  And it is indeed inexcusable.  We should be ashamed of ourselves for every sin against anyone else, whether gay or straight, because those sins are primarily against a holy God, as well as against our fellow man.

However, it is at this point that things get quite interesting because both groups (one much more than the other) turn to the Bible for justification of their position on marriage.  But each group’s approach to the Scriptures is fundamentally different.  One group looks to see what the Bible says in an attempt to know and understand what God has said and to determine what is therefore true.

The other group already knows what is "true" prior to referencing the Scriptures and uses the Bible for justification of their beliefs regardless of what the Bible actually says.  And wherever the clear and unambiguous teaching of the Bible differs from their presupposed pro-homosexual position (and the Bible has numerous such texts), those texts are systematically twisted into biblically unrecognizable statements to force a meaning from them that is compatible only with the preconceived notions of the pro-homosexual reader.

And anyone who reads it otherwise is, . . . well, by now I don’t need to tell you.  Mr. Graddick said it best.  We are all members of "anti-gay hate groups working to hurt everyday LGBT Americans and break apart loving families."  Of course.



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