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Our "Kill-Crazy" Bible

Comments on an Amazon book review about the English Standard Version of the Bible
Our "Kill-Crazy" Bible

The world's greatest display of love and hate

Recently I was looking for an English Standard Version of the Bible on hoping to find a small edition for the sake of portability.  As I perused the various “models” to choose from, I found one that appealed to me.  Then, out of curiosity I began to read the Book Reviews of the ESV.  Jakub Friedl from Prague gave the ESV one star out of a possible five star rating: “The book is too long and contains some unnecessary kill-crazy parts.  Certainly good for historical reference but I wouldn’t reccomend [sic] this as a source of spiritual or even moral inspiration.”

ESV One-Star Review

I’m not sure what to make of that comment or where to start my own commentary about it.  Very much could and probably should be said.  But I will be concise.  It is somewhat encouraging that he felt the Bible was at least useful “for historical reference”.  However, it seems Mr. Friedl has no concept of what the Bible has historically represented to the Christian world.  It is as though he is a complete stranger to it and to Christianity.  If so, what motivated him to read this Bible, or at least the “unnecessary kill-crazy parts”?

Which unnecessary kill-crazy parts did he read?  I suppose there are a lot to choose from.  Maybe he was referring to the unnecessarily kill-crazy part where the people demanded the crucifixion of Jesus.  That should certainly qualify as unnecessarily kill-crazy.  Why did the crowd insist upon Jesus’ death?  If one reads the four gospels it is clear to even a casual reader that an innocent man was being murdered by a mob.  Should the Gospels be removed because of this needless reporting of violence towards Jesus?

It seems Mr. Friedl believes we would be better off with a book that contained only non-violent, positive and uplifting words of encouragement.  At the very least we could remove those unnecessary crucifixion parts.  Why did the Gospel writers consider it necessary to record such distasteful acts?  But as it stands, our commentator from Prague says the ESV Bible cannot be recommended “as a source of spiritual or even moral inspiration.”  Thus his one star rating.

Speaking from the position that the Bible is inspired by God and is infallible and inerrant in its original autographs, Mr. Friedl’s comments sound utterly absurd.  It seems he has no knowledge of the fact that multitudes of Christians for nearly 2000 years have considered the Bible to be the very Word of God.  If we were to remove the unnecessary kill-crazy part about the death of Jesus Christ, and if the recording of His crucifixion is nothing more than an unfortunate historical account of the killing of an unfortunate victim by a mindless mob, then the Bible truly is just another book which we may edit as we please or discard entirely.  Score: One star.

According to Amazon, only 3 out 102 readers of Mr. Friedl’s review found it to be helpful.  That is some comfort.

For a wonderful message on the authority and reliability of the Bible, please watch John MacArthur's explanation of why we trust the scriptures.  Click HERE.

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