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Saving Jesus from Christmas

We need to stop forcing Jesus to associate with a holiday that wants nothing to do with Him.
Saving Jesus from Christmas

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Christmas has become materialistic.  And you say, “This guy has a fantastic grasp of the obvious!”  The truth of the statement is ridiculously evident.  Therefore this statement must also be true: Jesus is not the reason for the season.  Even for Christians who wear big buttons stating the contrary, it has become quite a struggle for us to shoe-horn Jesus into what has become a blatantly secular holiday focused on purchasing lots of stuff on sale.  I even noticed a billboard advertising bank loans to help us fund the season.  If I need a loan to celebrate the birth of Christ, something is amiss.

To my dear brothers and sisters in Christ, let me suggest a different approach.  Instead of force-fitting Jesus into a holiday that functions quite well without Him, it is time we rescued Him from Christmas and started something new.

Our Savior deserves infinitely better treatment than He typically gets at Christmas.  Every December we desperately attempt to convince ourselves and others that this nearly unbridled celebration of materialism is somehow “really” about a baby in a manger in Bethlehem 2000 years ago.  Really?  How so?  Honestly, how does the typical Christian Christmas celebration depict the biblical account of the incarnation, God becoming a human being?  With a birthday cake?

We need to deliver the Lord Jesus from His bondage to Christmas and set Him free to be the great King of Glory that He is.  It is past time for us to abandon what the world calls Christmas, for a holy day that truly magnifies the greatness of our Savior.  I’m not suggesting we totally abandon “Christmas”.  There is nothing inherently wrong with buying gifts and giving them to the people we love.  But we need to stop pretending it is all about Jesus.  That is not true.  He is most certainly not the motivation behind what the stores and the credit card companies call Christmas.

So how should Christians celebrate the incarnation of Christ?  We could begin by giving it a new name.  Let’s call it Incarnation Day.  Awkward, but accurate.  Now, when you wish someone a happy Incarnation Day, people will wonder why you are celebrating reincarnation.  No, the word is incarnation.  It is a Christian word.  It refers to when God became flesh.  He dwelt among us.  Men saw His glory.  Kings bowed before Him.  Shepherds worshipped Him.  Men recognized Him as Immanuel: God with us.

Taking out a loan to bankroll a materialistic and presumed celebration of the coming of Christ is just wrong.  Exactly how do these go together: the Incarnation and this thing called Christmas?  They are very different and very unrelated.  It is time for us Christians to admit to ourselves that Jesus really has nothing to do with what this world calls Christmas because their Christmas wants nothing to do with our Jesus.  In your advent celebration, consider delivering Jesus from Christmas in order to make much of Him on Incarnation Day instead.

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