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The Immoral Majority & the City of Destruction

Escape now, while there is still time.
The Immoral Majority & the City of Destruction

Our only hope for real change


I saw a man clothed with rags standing in a certain place, with his face from his own house, a book in his hand, and a great burden upon his back.  I looked , and saw him open the book, and read therein; and as he read, he wept and trembled; and not being able to contain, he brake out with a lamentable cry, saying, ”What shall I do?”

“O my dear wife,” said he, “and you, the children of my bowels, I, your dear friend, am in myself undone, by reason of a burden that lieth hard upon me; moreover, I am for certain informed, that this our city will be burned with fire from heaven; in which fearful overthrow, both myself, with thee, my wife, and you my sweet babes, shall miserably come to ruin; except (the which yet I see not) some way of escape can be found, whereby we may be delivered.”

(From the introductory paragraphs of The Pilgrim’s Progress: From this World to that which is to come--Under the similitude of a dream, by John Bunyan.  Originally published in 1678.)


In the 80’s, Jerry Falwell introduced us to The Moral Majority, a Christian-oriented political movement designed to preserve conservative, biblically-based values by electing people to office who presumably held moral convictions compatible with the general moral teachings of Scripture.  The Moral Majority was defunct as an organization by the end of the 80s and Reagan’s second term in office.

The backlash against that movement has been constant and unrelenting.  Many multitudes of people saw the Moral Majority as an attempt to “cram religion down people’s throats” and impose all kinds of ridiculous “Bible-based” restrictions upon the general public.  Fear among the Leftists and Liberals of state-inflicted morality was rabid.  They came out with their proverbial guns blazing and they have been blazing a very broad trail to Immorality ever since.  As of November 6th of this year, it appears they have finally arrived at their desired destination: the City of Destruction.1

Even the Roman Catholic Church, unsurpassed in its promotion of a pro-life, anti-abortion position, seems to have sided with the Democratic Party.  The black community, commonly known to be the largest segment of our society to suffer from the effects of abortion, overwhelmingly voted for the most Planned Parenthood-friendly, pro-abortion president ever.  Even the Jewish population voted for President Obama.  

Unless something miraculous happens (and it may), we have taken a serious turn for the worse in our country.  No one would dare float the idea that a majority of Americans today could rightly be described as possessing morals based upon biblical convictions.  

A few days ago, Rush Limbaugh was heard to say on his program that the governmental institutions in Washington cannot be trusted today as they might have been in the past.  With the onslaught of the recent sordid reports concerning the former head of the CIA, David Petraeus, and his affair---and the obvious cover-up of the events surrounding the attack upon our consulate in Benghazi and the murder of our ambassador there---and with Eric Holder (Justice Department Attorney General) giving testimony to a Congressional hearing WHILE in contempt of Congress for the Fast and Furious gun running scheme, . . . I agree with Rush: Who can you trust?

On another morbid note, three states legalized sodomy in this election:

On May 9, 2012, Barack Obama became the first sitting U.S. president to publicly declare support for the legalization of same-sex marriage.  On November 6, 2012, Maine, Maryland, and Washington became the first states to legalize same-sex marriage through a ballot measure.2

Once again, this is a matter of physics.  “Same-sex marriage” is an impossibility.  It doesn’t work.  The parts don’t fit.  The primary function and design of sex is procreation, not fun.  We are specifically designed for that very thing.  Marriage is a joining of two different but compatible entities (with different but compatible parts).  “Same sex marriage”, by definition, is a blatant contradiction.  And our President, the Democratic Party, and a lot of RINOs (Republicans in name only) are all for it. 

So let’s call it what it is: Sodomy3.  Let’s call it what the Bible calls it: An abomination.  Unnatural.  But someone will say, “Keith you don’t understand.  These are committed, monogamous, loving relationships.”  OK.  It’s committed.  It’s monogamous.  But it’s still sodomy.  And it is the law of the land in many places now.4  This is legalized sin.  But in many minds, it is no longer sin.  “It’s legal.  How can it be sinful?”  There is no fear of God before their eyes. (Romans 3:18 ESV)

Is anything or anyone sinful any more?  Other than Jerry Sandusky?  That seems to be the ONLY thing the general population can agree on.  Child molestation is bad.  Sodomizing a child is evil.  But even so, I’ve heard very few say it is sinful.  And there are some perverted people who would actually defend it as “trans-generational love”.  

In a country that had a collective cardiac arrest over the attempts of the Moral Majority to bring about some semblance of decency to Washington, is it any wonder these people can’t find anyone to criticize in the same sex/sodomy issue . . . except those self-righteous, octogenarian fuddy-duddies who oppose it?  And soon, they will all be dead and gone.

It’s a new day!  We hoped for change, and it has finally arrived!  Congratulations, Mr. President.  We now have an unquestionably, intensely, immoral majority.  Welcome to the City of Destruction.

In recent years, I’ve heard Christians gripe about President Obama’s statement that this is not a Christian country.  Technically, he’s correct.  It never has been a Christian country.  The Bible has never been the official legal standard upon which laws are written.  We have never had the equivalent of Christian Sharia Law in America.  Never.  But there was a time when large numbers of Americans were Christians with genuinely biblical convictions.  Real Christians, not just political Christians with loosely held, presumably biblical convictions and morals.

Today we live in a brave, new, non-Christian, anti-Christian, post-Christian, secular America with humanistic convictions and a general acceptance of atheistic evolution as the standard for our institutions of “higher” learning.  We have a military force spread throughout the Middle East without a clear mission or purpose for serving there.  We have a Commander in Chief who is incompetent, but who (for all practical purposes) thinks he killed Osama bin Laden with his own bare hands.  Simultaneously, he has sidled up to the Muslim Brotherhood and tells the Russians things will be more “flexible” now that he has secured his place in the White House for four more years.

I could go on and on, and I am just a casual observer of these things.  What could a person say who actually knows all the details of the Fast and Furious fiasco (to put it mildly)?  How is it that our President can play innumerable rounds of golf while leading the most powerful country in the world?  How can our Congress either directly or indirectly authorize the endless printing of more and more money and demand more tax dollars be sent to people in the Middle East who want us all to die?  And what is this myth called the “debt ceiling”?  We're not headed for a fiscal cliff.  We're headed for a fiscal hell.

Even worse, on top of all this is the proliferation of churches that have lost their way, converting themselves into houses of entertainment rather than worship, many of them becoming proudly tolerant of the very things God hates (homosexuality and abortion, to name the most prominent ones, but all sin in general; some very popular preachers can’t even bring themselves to use the word).

On and on and on it goes.  And where it stops, . . . I know.  I don’t know when it will stop, but I do know where it stops.  It all stops at the Judgment Seat of Christ.  It all comes to a screeching halt when He returns to judge the world.  On that day, Jesus will be the most intolerant Being in all creation.  Zero tolerance for all sin and for all sinners.  City of Destruction, meet the Destroyer.

The main character in Pilgrim’s Progress is Christian.  He leaves his home and his family on a pilgrimage to the Celestial City to escape the judgement spoken of in the book he is reading, the Bible.  His nearly unbearable burden of guilt makes it difficult for him until he reaches the cross of Christ.  It is there, and only there, that he finds release from his guilt and the forgiveness of his sins:

“. . . [T]he highway up which Christian was to go was fenced on either side with a wall; and that wall was called ‘Salvation’ (Isaiah 26:1).  Up this way, therefore, did burdened Christian run; but not without great difficulty, because of the load on his back.”

“He ran thus till he came at a place somewhat ascending; and upon that place stood a Cross, and a little below, in the bottom, a sepulchre (i.e. a tomb).  So I saw in my dream, that just as Christian came up with the cross, his burden loosed from off his shoulders, and fell from off his back, and began to tumble; and so continued to do till it came to the mouth of the sepulchre, where it fell in, and I saw it no more.”

This is the only way of escape from the City of Destruction, from the wrath of God against all ungodliness and unrighteousness.  This is the way to the Celestial City wherein only righteousness dwells.  This is our hope.  

We see around us the unavoidable consequences of the philosophies of evil men as they shun God and His word.  We see the inevitable results of a society which has said by means of the voting booth, “Do not prophesy in the name of the Lord, or you will die by our hand” (Jeremiah 11:21 ESV).  We see them engaging in things God despises.  We see them demanding the right to murder their own children.  We see them insisting that everyone else give them whatever they want.  We see laziness and irresponsibility magnified, while duty and morality and ethics and Christian convictions are regarded as old fashioned and quaint and worthy of extinction.

We live in the City of Destruction.  If you have not already done so, run.  Escape now, while there is still time.  Seek out the cross of Christ.  Only there do we find genuine hope and a change of heart and mind that is worth whatever we must spend to get it.  Only on that path called Salvation will we escape the wrath to come.  And it is coming.
1. “The City of Destruction” is the term used by John Bunyan in “The Pilgrim’s Progress” to describe the condition of the world without Christ.
3. From the word Sodom, a literal city of destruction, found in Genesis 13.  The biblical description of the city is found in Genesis 13:13 (ESV) - Now the men of Sodom were wicked, great sinners against the Lord. Another pertinent verse concerning Sodom is 2 Peter 2:6 (ESV) - if by turning the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah to ashes he condemned them to extinction, making them an example of what is going to happen to the ungodly . . . .
4. As of November 2012, nine states—Connecticut, Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Vermont, and Washington—as well as the District of Columbia and two Native American tribes—have legalized same-sex marriage. In addition, Rhode Island recognizes same-sex marriages performed in other jurisdictions, and California, which briefly granted same-sex marriages in 2008, now recognizes them on a conditional basis.  (From Wikipedia article in footnote 3)

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