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The Moral Superiority of Naivete’

The Liberal plan for saving the planet from self-destruction and Conservatives
The Moral Superiority of Naivete’

Leading the charge . . .

I was listening to a talk radio program a few days ago.  The host was discussing the attacks on the US embassies in Egypt and Libya on September 11th  and the murder of our ambassador to Libya.  Unfortunately, as was made evident during the conversation on the radio, there are those in the media, in high governmental positions, as well as in the general population who are still trying to figure out the “mystery” of Muslim animosity toward the United States 11 years after 9/11.

A man called the talk show, a self-proclaimed Liberal, who wanted to explain this mystery to the host.  I cannot give an exact quote because I was driving and could not write it down.  But in essence, his explanation of the ongoing problem the Muslim world has with America was this:

"We Americans (especially conservatives and Republicans) do  not possess sufficiently sensitive consciences that would cause us to be willing to sit down with offended Muslims and have a discussion in order to understand why they hate us." 

That was his explanation for our ongoing conflicts throughout the world with Muslims.  In other words, if we really cared, if we were really concerned about being friends with the rest of the world, and if we were truly sincere about healing the American-inflicted wounds upon the Muslim psyche, we could accomplish that healing by first being more concerned and more caring about the religious sensitivities of the people who flew planes into the twin towers 11 years ago, murdering 3,400 “infidels”.

If we all thought more like the Liberals who have truly sensitive consciences and who truly care about their fellow human beings, then conflicts would cease and we’d all miraculously get along just fine.  This, by the way, is the mindset of those who cannot agree whether the name of God should be mentioned in the Democratic platform.  They sincerely believe they are morally superior to their conservative counterparts.

In effect, the morality of the Liberal Left, in their opinion, is more godly than the God of Scripture.  More righteous than Christ.  More holy than the Holy Spirit.  They have espoused the idea for over a century that the God of the Old Testament was a cruel and vindictive God who, as has been stated lately about a certain presidential candidate, “shoots first and aims later”.  According to many of them, the God of the Old Testament scriptures killed people with sword and pestilence, fire and lightning, randomly opening up the earth and swallowing people alive for no apparent reason other than His intolerance for certain "indiscretions".  

Thank God that God isn’t around any more!  Presumably, now that Christ has come we have a kinder, gentler God who loves everyone and never gets upset or angry about anything because He has evolved beyond His previous insensitivities.  Now He believes in fairness and democracy and equal rights and self-esteem and positive thinking and freedom of religion and such.  Now, the new and improved New Testament God loves everyone in exactly the same manner and is never the bringer of bad news.  He is infinitely sensitive and always understands how you and I feel.  

The New Testament God is morally superior to the Old Testament God because He is nicer.  Nowadays He is much more tolerant of everyone and everything.  And all that talk about Hell and sin and punishment and stuff, . . . well those days are over.  Both God and mankind have overcome our formerly base and lowly instincts, having risen to a higher level of consciousness that allows us to empathize and understand and talk through our problems so we can all be happy and not get our feelings hurt.

That is, if there is a God.  But if not, still we’ve advanced beyond our barbaric past and now live on a higher level, a higher plane, a superior consciousness with a conscientiousness that enables us to talk through conflicts and difficulties in order to avoid having bad things happen to such good people as we find throughout the entire human race.

Liberals really believe this.  They want the rest of us to believe it too.  That is why our President has apologized for offending the religious sensitivities of murderous, rioting Muslims who have been chanting “Death to America” for 40 years and who danced in the streets when the towers fell and who (it is reported by some) sodomized Ambassador Christopher Stevens and dragged his body through the streets before finally killing him.

The solution to all of this, say the Liberals, is to sit down with al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood and just ask them why we offend them so.  Then, after we’ve had a good chat, we can do or become whatever they desire of us and there will be global peace.

What they desire of us is to dominate us.  The desire of Muslims everywhere, with relatively few exceptions, is the proliferation of Islam throughout the entire world until all of us are in submission to Allah and claim Mohammed to be his final prophet.  They desire that we all revere the Koran as the final and ultimate and authoritative revelation from Allah.  If they are genuinely Muslim in their beliefs, this is exactly what they want.  And if this is not what they want, they either do not understand their own religion, or they are guilty of hypocrisy.  They are not genuinely Muslim.

What is their method of “evangelizing” the world for Allah?  How do they intend to win the world for their god?  There are only three possible options:

1.  Conversion. Recite the Shahada three times sincerely: I testify that there is no true god (deity) but God (Allah), and that Muhammad is a Messenger (Prophet) of God.  “When someone pronounces the testimony with conviction, then he/she has become a Muslim.” 1

2.  Agree to dhimmitude. "Dhimmi was the name applied by the Arab-Muslim conquerors to indigenous non-Muslim populations who surrendered by a treaty (dhimma) to Muslim domination." 2  In other words, slavery.  Not to be confused with tolerance.

3.  Death. This hardly needs any clarification or verification.  By now it should be understood by all (except Liberals) that from the Muslim perspective, infidels (i.e. those who refuse options 1 & 2) deserve to die.  Need to die.

These three options are deeply held religious convictions in the Muslim world which cannot possibly be overcome by having a few beers and a fireside chat with a Liberal.  Even the word “Islam” means “submission”.  That is their goal: to bring the entire world into submission to Allah, either by conversion, slavery, or death.  Period.

The politically correct, morally superior, conscientiously exceptional, and hopelessly naive Liberal faction in America is marching us all directly towards our own destruction.  And in their ridiculous naivete’ they seem obliviously happy to do so.  They have nearly wholeheartedly rejected the Scriptures and the Christian faith as it is presented in the Bible.  They have ascended the heights of extra-biblical morality.  They have obtained superior virtue by eschewing all things biblical and oppressive.  They hate the Bible and the God of the Bible and the people of the Bible.  They are anti-Christs because they are anti-Christians.  

But all the while, Liberals preach to the rest of our society that THEY are the ones who have the fortitude of conscientiousness and sensitivity of soul to save us from our enemies and turn the entire human race into one big, happy global family.  If only us intolerant and hateful Bible toters would get over our insistence that what the Bible teaches is true, that there really is a Triune God, that there really is right and wrong, that there really is good and evil, that there really is sin and righteousness, and that there really is a Savior, only one Savior, Jesus Christ, and all people must either bow the knee to Him or perish for eternity in a place called Hell . . .  If we would just get over all these arcane, radical fundamentalist religious notions and toe the post-modernist line . . .  then the Liberals could save us all from ourselves.

But unlike the radical fundamentalist Muslims who take it upon themselves to send infidels to Hell, Christ Himself, not the Bible-toters, will be the one who will send the rebellious there.

God is not nearly as nice as the Liberals would have us think.

And you [America], O desolate one, what do you mean that you dress in scarlet, that you adorn yourself with ornaments of gold, that you enlarge your eyes with paint? In vain you beautify yourself.

Your lovers [Muslims] despise you; they seek your life. (Jeremiah 4:30 ESV)


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